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This page is designed to guide advisers in making any nessecary amendments to clients trusts both during the submission process and once the trust has already been registered with HMRC.

Amendments to Trust Registration Service 

How to Update before your trust before it is registered with HMRC

Once you have submitted the Trust Registration Form for your client, the next steps are to get the comfirmation that they are happy with the information you have provided to us on the Trust Registration Form. Before you can ultimately get them to sign the Trust Registration Form.


If they require any changes to the Trust Registration Form. These changes can be made via the link at the bottom of the auto email sent following the submission of the Trust Registration Form.


How to update once the Trust has already been registered with HMRC.

if the trust has already been registered with HMRC and changes are required this can also be accommodated for. 


QB partners are now introducing the option to make changes to the Trust registration form if updates are required after registration.

This option is intended for existing users of the service to come back and complete any updates required through our Update Form



This form is to be used where lead trustees wish ZEDRA to make any necessary amendments to the register to trusts ZEDRA have already registered. 


Examples of Amendments 

  • Change of trustee (date previous trustee stopped being a trustee, date new trustee became a trustee, the same details for the new trustee as have been previously provided for other trustees – note a lead trustee requires more detail than other trustees).

  • Change of beneficiary (date a beneficiary stopped being a beneficiary, date a beneficiary became a beneficiary, the same details for a new beneficiary as have been previously provided for other beneficiaries).

  • Changes of address, email, telephone number or adding date of birth details for an existing trustee/beneficiary.

  • Date the trust came to an end (date of deed, resolution or distribution of all assets).



Prior to registration there is no fee for amending or updating the trust registration form.


Immediately after registration Zedra ask the adviser and client to inform them of any errors found in the completed registration and there is no fee for correcting these errors.


After registration a fee of £125.00 plus VAT will apply for amending or updating the trust register.


Before the trust can be updated, the applicable fee will be payable to Zedra Trust Company and bank details will follow.


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